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Noorana is the all-in-one solution for Montessori school management with the singular goal to help you work less and connect more.

With its dynamic photo galleries, dashboards, and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, noorana is your essential assistant that will simplify school and classroom management.

Your staff, parent, and children’s information remain private and secure within your noorana environment.

Secure communication protocols

Data encrypted at rest

Robust permissions features

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Noorana is designed to serve administrators by streamlining your school operations and providing you unparalleled visibility into what’s happening in your classrooms. Access the information you need when you need it, plus save money by combining several software platforms into one solution. More importantly, noorana’s simplified processes will save you time so you can focus on what really matters – the children.

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Admin Dashboard

A dashboard that provides vital information for your entire school at your fingertips. Quickly access meaningful data for each classroom and each child, such as:

  • Where Guides/Teachers are focusing lesson time
  • Flexible staffing assignments
  • Staff employment records
  • Classroom observations for each child
  • Individual child milestones and academic progress
  • Attendance and population metrics
  • School trends

Student Directory

You will always be prepared with the information you need when you need it:  

  • Permissions release forms (media release, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Parent and emergency contacts
  • Pick-up and drop-off information
  • Accident/incident reports
  • Medical, allergy and immunization records
  • Birthday reminders
  • Student history

Lesson Albums

Save time and create consistency with pre-loaded Montessori curriculum:

  • Choice of pre-loaded AMI or AMS curriculum
  • Lesson descriptions with materials used that can be shared with parents
  • Ability to create customized lessons that can be shared throughout the school

Task Lists

No need to keep track of stickies and paper notes when you have your list of important To-Dos at your fingertips.

Parent Notifications

Quickly and easily communicate valuable information with parents.


Flexibles staffing permissions

  • Access based on user roles and class assignments
  • Assign floaters and assistants to multiple classrooms
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Guides / Teachers

Noorana’s simplified touchscreen first design will enable guides and teachers to do their work in a fraction of the time so they can focus more on connecting with children.

Information is designed to be easy to capture and share with administrators, associates/assistants, and parents.

Simplified Lesson Planning and Record Keeping

Weekend lesson planning will be a thing of the past. Three focus mode options with touchscreen and drag-and-drop capabilities will allow Guides/Teachers to manage lesson planning quickly and in a way that works best for them.

Student Focus

  • Record number of times a lesson is practiced before acquiring
  • View a child’s individual progress and observations (image: progress focus)
  • Record observations with a tap of the screen
  • Easily access lesson history
  • Notes feature allows to add comments to student observations with a time and date stamp
  • Quickly identify learning patterns
  • Schedule upcoming lessons in seconds

Lesson Focus

  • Easily view what children are working on the same lessons
  • Schedule a lesson for multiple children in seconds

Class Focus

  • Get a quick overview of subject focus and progress
  • Identify lessons to focus on at a classroom level
  • Easily pair children based on lesson acquisition levels
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Classroom Dashboard

A visual classroom overview of subject coverage and classroom progress to assist with Guide/Teacher self-evaluation.

Easy Attendance

Manage attendance with a tap of the screen.


Engage and educate parents with essential and purposeful updates on their child's progress.

  • Quickly capture meaningful moments that you can share with parents.
  • Easily tag photos and create captions in the moment

Progress and Narrative Reports

Sticky notes become obsolete when you can instantly and easily take notes and access them when you need them.

Student Permissions

Quickly access student information as you need it.

Classroom Communication

Guides/Teachers and Assistants can easily stay on the same page with each child’s progress and lesson plans.

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Parent communication and education are essential elements of parent and student retention. Noorana’s Parent Portal is designed to invite parents to become more integrated into your Montessori school community.

Help parents understand the benefits of Montessori education

  • Guides/Teachers can share a child’s progress and lesson information, which includes materials used and concepts taught
  • Parents can receive updated on meaningful Milestones throughout their child’s Montessori education.
  • Position your Guides/Teachers as partners in their child's education and not just caregivers.

Enable easy and safe information sharing between home and school.

  • Easy and secure parent onboarding during registration
  • Multi-parent capabilities
  • Secure pick-ups with driver’s license identification
  • Quickly share accident/incident forms
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer

Learn how to
work less and connect more.

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